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Mitzvah Matzevah:

Christians, Jews, Poles & Americans,

Work Together in Poland

In 2016 a group of Dan's friends and family teamed-up with members of the Matzevah Foundation and the Studnia Pamieci Association to clean up the cemetery in Markuszów.

Arriving in NYC, 1939

The Taubenschlag Family arrives from Rotterdam to NYC on April 5, 1939.

Rebeka Oren's August 10,1993 return to her childhood home in Lublin, Poland.

Return to Grodzka 7

Director Mooly Landesman shares the remarkable story of her grandmother

Margot Klausner, shown above in her

1926 wedding photo with Jak Rosner.

Saga of a Photo:
A Documentary

Markuszów Jewish Cemetery

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