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A visit to an abandoned Polish Jewish cemetery in 1993 launches a 20-year search to solve the mystery of "Who is Buried in Sarah's Tomb?" A visit with a cousin unearths a breathtaking photo of a Berlin family wedding from 1926 and leads to discovering their unimaginable post-wedding history. An archivist in Prague discovers a secret uncle whose life takes the reader from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to the Vatican. A memoir by Philip Roth shocks a daughter into unlocking a father's concealed past.

​In The Wedding Photo Dan A. Oren embarks on a genealogical journey that opens new worlds. This book offers pathways for anyone interested in doing their own genealogical research.

The Wedding Photo is a soft-cover book, 224 pages, richly illustrated with full-color photos and diagrams.


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Dan Oren's "Joining The Club: A History of Jews and Yale" has been hailed as "marvelous, . . . based on broad and deep research," sophisticated in its analysis and gracious in its style. The same can be said of "The Wedding Photo," a compelling work of family history. I loved Oren’s latest book. Extraordinary research, aided by new technology and by real people. Lucid writer. Useful to those who want to find out about their own families and moving as a series of wonderful stories. 

Daniel Horowitz, Mary Huggins Gamble Professor of American Studies Emeritus,Smith College

What makes this book so very original, and perhaps unique, is that through the lens of genealogy, Oren addresses the mystery of what became of living individuals whom time's memory has lost. This book brings the living in touch with those who are gone, and will inspire its readers to turn to their own histories.

Kaja Finkler, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology,

University of North Carolina

Dan A. Oren, M.D. has worked for thirty years as a psychiatrist and faculty member at Yale University, the US National Institute of Mental Health, and the University of Rzeszów, Poland. Oren wrote Joining The Club: A History of Jews and Yale, and co-authored How to Beat Jet Lag: A Practical Guide for Air Travelers,​ as well as numerous scientific articles.

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